I'll be home for the holidays.

Is there anything more cozy than spending the holidays at home? Yes, spending the holidays at home with your three horses and two dogs will do the trick!

Jamie opted to have her session at home, just outside of Colorado Springs. With three horses and two dogs, traveling to a photo location was out of the question! Plus, her oldest horse, Annie, is showing some signs of aging. Jamie wanted to make sure she could keep these special memories with Annie forever.

The barn was the perfect setting for these holiday family photos! And Jamie and her crew really dressed the part! We spent time planning out the perfect outfits together for her, her horses (who were such good sports about having garland or hats on!), and her doggies. Now, this family knows how to dress to impress! The planning process is always fun for me, and I love it when I can help a client choose a location or an outfit -- and now I've helped choose outfits for horses! :)

There's more to love in a long face..

There's something so special about our relationships with our pets. And each one's personality shines through so differently. The same was true for this wild gang! You could tell Jamie knew her babies best, leading and poses the boys, while they each just wanted to stay by her side.

And I know you're all wondering how two tiny dogs get along with horses (which are just big dogs, am I right?!).. Well, the answer is, they don't get along! Those itty-bitty dogs waltzed right up to the fence and showed those horses who is really in charge! But like most dogs, they're all bark and no bite. ;)

Surrounded by four-legged love.

Jamie, thank you so much for inviting me to your home to meet you and your four-legged friends! I had a wonderful time creating these memories for you, and I am convinced your family is better dressed for the holidays than I am! ;)

I could instantly tell as we started planning your session that your animals are your family, and we clicked instantly because mine are too! The amount of love in this gallery is almost overwhelming, such a sweet furry family!

Wishing you and all the critters the best holiday season, followed by a more-than-happy new year!

Holiday photoshoot with horses in Colorado Springs