A clear, blue Friday afternoon.

After a rainy start to the summer, Julie and her family lucked out. Coming in from Arizona, this family is used to hot, hot heat. They made their way to Colorado Springs for the weekend, to visit her oldest and his family, and were treated to a warm, but mild, crystal clear weekend that Colorado is known for. We shot this extended family photo session at Garden of the Gods, right here in Colorado Springs.

Here in Colorful Colorado, especially at Garden of the Gods, neutrals photograph really well. But paired against the red rocks and the lush green from our early summer rains, this extended family stood out in their shades of blue, which helped to show each person's unique personality.

Where does the dinosaur live?

Sessions with little ones are always the most fun! I love to play games to keep their attention, get them comfortable, and capture those genuine expressions.

During this extended family photoshoot, we searched for fossils. We scoured the landscape to see if we could find where the dinosaurs lived, and even cooler, if there were any dinosaurs roaming now! Then, we got Mom and Dad involved, and started dreaming up our next Dutch Bros order, a Colorado Springs classic. :)

The games aren't just for little ones. Each of the adults in this family got their turn to dance and play with their spouse. We paired up Dad and his daughters (and even captured some "menacing" photos for those future dating profiles), and grouped up the guys.

Last, but not least, we played one of my favorite games with the whole group -- "Look at the person who...."

  • "..can eat the most pizza!" (That one's always me, tbh)
  • "...takes the most time in the bathroom!"
  • "...stays up the latest!"
  • or, the best one for this family: "..goes to Dutch Bros the most!" (Can you guess who it is?)

An epic ending.

Julie and family, we capture SOO much during your fun extended family photoshoot. I was so happy to work with your family, and I can't wait for your next trip into town! (Let's hit up the Manitou Springs arcade next time.)

I loved working with you, and hearing all of your creative ideas. I can tell how much you love your family, that you let their personalities shine, and it makes my heart happy that you get the chance to document it at least once per year. That's why I do what I do!

Some of my favorite photos from this shoot are your "album cover" photos, in your familiy's signature "looking away" spaced-out pose. And we even got a few with the kiddos "ruining" the pose by looking at the camera. ;) SO much fun!

I can't wait to work with your family again in the future. Lots of love!! - Kelsey