A group of neighbors, you want to be a part of.

It was an unseasonably warm day for St. Louis in October. As we got ready for fall mini sessions, I knew the kiddos were itching to play at the playground in Wapelhorst Park in St. Charles, Missouri.

This group of families are all neighbors, and the kids love to play outside together. I know firsthand, as I used to live right on the same street! We would all sit, chat, and watch the kiddos and doggies play. Having friends next door truly made the warm weather days worth it.

The sass queen and fashion model.

Oh, little Madi B. I LOVED starting off these mini sessions with you! We had so much fun twirling and saying, "No, no Daddy!" (which is a classic pose we do every year!)

We packed so much into these 15 minutes, with time for posed picture, and even some time for swinging between Mom and Dad as we walked.

Severus steals the show.

Dogs are usually my favorite during family sessions, but that's especially true for Mr. Severus, who is my doggie's best friend!

We had a lot of fun playing with Severus during our session -- which was just the way to trick a genuine smile out of Sean. :)

Special memories for Grandma.

This family knows how to have fun! And I was so glad to bring Grandma in this time around, since we had so many great conversations at the bus stop waiting for the kiddos over the years.

My favorite moments during this session were getting little Evan to come out of his shell a bit, and the surprise on Grandma Linda's face when she got a hug from Melissa -- for the first time in years!

The sweetest sister love.

Family photos are so special every year, but when there's a new addition that just adds to it. Little Chloe is being the best big sister to Brinleigh!

During our session, we got those genuine smiles by playing one of my favorite games -- asking everyone to look at the person who.. "can eat the most pizza.." "spends the longest getting ready.." or "has the smelliest feet!"

Best Friends Forever

I was so sad to leave this group as we moved from St. Louis to Colorado Springs. But I love being able to come back and capture these memories.

Every year, we get a little older, but I know these kiddos will be friends for life.